Hi, i am a Muslim and i ashamed of my religion

I try to hide my faith and i’m embarrased of my tradition

I try to blend in so i don’t cause any suspicion

If this sounds familiar you might want to give this a listen dear Muslims of the internet

If I could kindly request that we stop trying to be cool and relevant and start trying to be people of actual benefit if we can stop trying to fit in and start trying to stand out I mean we were never meant to blend in and I assure you, we were never meant to, just go along with the crowd you see being different is exactly what being a Muslim is all about as the prophet SAW said first

فَطُوْبَ لِلْغُرَبَاءِ

Wall Berlin wall are there glad tidings to those who are strange but unfortunately today when it comes to our faith most of us are ashamed we try to hide our identities and even change our names which is funny since those on falsehood aren’t hiding at all they’re in full public display walking proudly down the streets even waving flags in parades and i’m not taking any shots nor am I here to complain I’m just saying it’s about time things start to change, we should be proud to be different and embrace the fact that we’re not the same I mean for instance we should never be embarrassed to say “Hey, I’m a Muslim and I follow the religion of Islam, I don’t smoke, don’t drink I don’t go to clubs and dance and I actually believe that marriage should only ever be between a woman and a man I’m sorry sister I can’t really shake your hand, I hope it doesn’t offend you, I hope you understand because I’m just being me in all honesty this is who I really am and I don’t plan on ever giving this up. See I’m a Muslim and a lot old us:

كُنْتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ

That were the best of nations brought force for the people we command the good and we forbid the evil we believe in God with no partners nor any equals, so why should be ashamed I mean we’re the kind of people who are kind to people and treat others like we like to be treated and we have a law as the friend, the protector and the supporter of the believers and we have Muhammad SAW the best of all leaders, so I honesty don’t understand why we would ever feel defeated. I mean why do we feel the need to always leave our faith neglected? Or that we need to give up our ways in order to be accepted or we need to rearrange and reform our faith so we can some way have it corrected failing to realize that you can never improve something that Allah has already perfected and yes, I get it, some of us do feel connected and it does get hard. We might slip and fall then, at times we might feel far and this is normal for sure I mean it’s why we were taught to make the door up.

Oh Turner of hearts keep keep my heart steadfast, so don’t worry and be calm and keep yourself connected to the righteous the pious and above all the houses of Allah and if you still feel disengaged or you just feel out of place or if you came and you were turned away for your looks or your past mistakes, it’s fine, it’s okay just keep trying and keep praying and at the end of the day no matters what happens. NEVER LOSE YOUR FAITH, NEVER BE ASHAMED!


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